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Building Your Canadian Dream with Precision and Empathy

At Sama Immigration, we understand that immersing yourself into a new country’s fold is a
momentous step. Our Canada based team brings a bespoke amalgamation of result-oriented
approaches, precision in documentation, and the empathetic and personalized services you
need to steer through the immigration process with confidence.

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Our Services

Dive into our wide range of services including Refugee Claims and Sponsorship, Spousal Sponsorship, Express Entry applications, Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship, Immigration Appeals, File Reviews, and Canadian Citizenship Applications. Our expertise ensures your path to Canada is as smooth and reliable as possible.

Refugee Claims Inside Canada

We handle all types of refugee claims inside Canada.

Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship Applications

Joining the lottery? We can help in the application if you are invited by the IRCC.

Express Entry

We can help in all express entry programs including Federal Skilled Worker and Canadian Experience Class.

Refugee Sponsorship Applications

If you have a sponsor and you are eligible for the refugee sponsorship, we can help in your application.

Temporary Resident Visas

We can help with visitor visa, super visas for parents, study permits and work permits.

Immigration Appeals

Do you have an appeal application for your spousal sponsorship or residency obligations? We can help.

Spousal Sponsorship Applications

If you are looking to sponsor your wife, husband or partner, we can help.

Canadian Citizenship Applications

If you are a permanent resident in Canada and need help in your citizenship application, please contact us.

Files Review

Planning to submit your application without a representative? We can help in reviewing the application to ensure that you are doing it correctly.


What our clients have said about us?

Sama Immigration
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Mohammad Abou HaibehMohammad Abou Haibeh
17:31 06 Jun 24
I had a great experience with Sama Immigration. Mr. Alfadl answered all my questions promptly and made sure I was well-informed every step of the way.
Mahmoud AlateahMahmoud Alateah
20:06 05 Jun 24
It was an outstanding online consultation with Mr. Aldafel Hatab.It was informative, valuable, and honest advice has been incredibly helpful in navigating my immigration process.clear explanations addressed all my concerns and your realistic guidance were particularly appreciated.Thank you for your exceptional service. I highly recommend your consultation services to anyone seeking reliable immigration advice.
Ela AkkesEla Akkes
01:08 30 May 24
It was a pleasure meeting Mr. Alfadl and working on our sponsorship application. He is very cooperative and has an excellent experience with immigration’s application. The communication with him was great. He carried out our application successfully. We strongly recommend him.
Maria AlsayegMaria Alsayeg
19:44 29 May 24
nabil tahannabil tahan
19:23 29 May 24
Amer Al NasrallahAmer Al Nasrallah
09:55 23 May 24
Mr. Fadel has a great experience and very kind and I was very happy with our discussion
Manal AlSaeedManal AlSaeed
10:30 21 May 24
I’m very satisfied, everything was clear and well addressed.
samah almadhounsamah almadhoun
15:36 16 May 24
Hello Mr. Alfadel, It was nice to meet you yesterday.My wife and I would like to thank you for giving us your time. We felt as if we had a family meeting with you. Thank you for this kind treatment and for all the useful information you provided us with. We hope to achieve our goals, God willing, and then with your efforts with us.Thank youMohammad Ali
alsawsana Khalsawsana Kh
21:36 15 May 24
It was a fruitful meeting with Mr Alfadl. He gave us precious information about our topic
Mohammad DiabMohammad Diab
13:07 05 May 24
My experience with Sama immigration was amazing! Very convenient process and great help from their team. Their team makes sure that they explain the whole process of applications and finding the alternative solutions to make an application successful.
Ahmad AbdellatifAhmad Abdellatif
16:45 04 May 24
Alfadl is an exceptional immigration consultant who truly cares about his clients. From start to finish, he exhibited professionalism and dedication, ensuring that every aspect of my immigration process was handled with precision and care. His attention to detail and expertise in navigating complex immigration procedures gave me confidence throughout the entire process. Alfadl's personalized approach made me feel valued as a client, and his genuine care for my well-being was evident in every interaction. I highly recommend Alfadl to anyone seeking immigration assistance. Thank you, Alfadl, for your outstanding service and support!
Abed DamraAbed Damra
09:01 25 Apr 24
They are professional and knowledgeable.
خلف العسكرخلف العسكر
20:26 24 Apr 24
Greetings to all those responsible for SamaEspecially Mr. Al-Fadl Hattab, for his advice, treatment, and appointments, for which you are grateful. May God bless you all, and thank you very much.
19:42 24 Apr 24
I appreciate being with me in every step. Communication is always within a reasonable timeline. Thank you for everything.
Mohamad AlNajjarMohamad AlNajjar
19:40 11 Apr 24
I wholeheartedly believe that Mr. Fadl, the manager of Sama Immigration, deserves even more than ten stars, honestly! Thank you for your hard work on my case. I trusted and will trust you completely and will continue with your services even after obtaining citizenship. Wishing you all the best, Mr. Fadl, for your future success and growth.The one who gave the victim a five-star rating is a person who wronged Sama Immigration under the management of Mr. Al-Fadl... You deserve ten stars and above, by God... I thank you for your trouble with my case, and with all pride and confidence I will continue with you until after citizenship, if God wants... And my best wishes to you, Mr. Fadl and the work team, for development and success. the permanent
samer nofalsamer nofal
14:03 22 Feb 24
with sama immigration I am so satisfied, they are honest , helpful and professional🧑‍✈️I strongly recommended them.In simple words they are the best🇨🇦thanks alot Mr. alfadl hattab😍 really appreciated.
hossam badrhossam badr
23:59 20 Feb 24
Mr.Al Fadl is very professional and answers all your questions with care and patience. He also advises you and helps you to finish all the process smoothly. I’m always recommending him to friends.
Yahia AlmasoudYahia Almasoud
19:35 12 Feb 24
Distinctive, reliable service and expertise in the field
Adham HamsharyAdham Hamshary
02:03 23 Jan 24
Dear Fadl,I wanted to express my deepest gratitude for your exceptional support throughout my spouse sponsorship journey to Canada. Your unwavering availability, prompt responses, and thorough answers to my questions made the process much smoother. Thank you for being a true advocate and making our reunion in Canada a reality.Best regards,Adham
Raghad AlKhejaRaghad AlKheja
19:08 12 Jan 24
It was one of the best decisions i made to apply for my Canadian citizenship through Sama Immigration. The process was organized and the guidlines were clear. Heartfelt thank you....
A Google User
A Google User
19:08 12 Jan 24
It was one of the best decisions i made to apply for my Canadian citizenship through Sama Immigration. The process was organized and the guidlines were clear. Heartfelt thank you....
alaa alfarawatialaa alfarawati
19:21 24 Dec 23
One of the best service I have ever had. Alfadl is an honest and professional person to work with. I won't hesitate to ask for his experience again. All the best.
Mayan MassaraniMayan Massarani
22:23 14 Dec 23
I would like to thank Mr. AlFadl Hattab for being truly helpful and professional in dealing with my spouse visa application. He pays attention to details to fulfill the right criteria for the application. I totally appreciate his efforts and cooperation.
Nawar AlmaasaraniNawar Almaasarani
22:13 14 Dec 23
Mr. Hattab is very cooperative, knowledgeable and has excellent experience with immigration’s application. I definitely recommend Sama Immigration.
Shadi AlnakhalehShadi Alnakhaleh
17:26 03 Dec 23
I had processed my Refugee claim through Sama Immigration and my case was managed, controlled, and taken care of by Alfadel Hattab. I can make it concise and straight forward:1. Easy communications2. Professional3. Did the right actions and decision toward my case.4. very collaborative.5. and, HONESTY - INTEGRITY - CLARITY
Jumana YasinJumana Yasin
18:36 15 Nov 23
Best consultant ever .. if i can give more than 5 i’ll do that 💕💕 I strongly recommend
aiham alissaaiham alissa
14:10 24 Sep 23
Great services with professional team
Ammar AsaadAmmar Asaad
11:53 07 Sep 23
I had an outstanding experience with Sama Immigration, and I cannot speak highly enough about Alfadel Hattab's exceptional service. Alfadel assisted me with my child sponsorship application to Canada, and his expertise made all the difference.Alfadel managed all communication efficiently, ensuring I was informed every step of the way. His dedication to providing superior service was evident throughout the process. I was particularly impressed by his availability to answer my questions promptly, even outside regular business hours.Alfadel's in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in immigration matters were invaluable. He made what could have been a complex and daunting process feel manageable and straightforward. Thanks to him, my child sponsorship application was successful.I wholeheartedly recommend Sama Immigration, especially Alfadel Hattab, to anyone seeking immigration assistance. Their professionalism and commitment to clients are truly exceptional. Thank you, Alfadel, and the Sama Immigration team, for helping me reunite with my loved ones in Canada! 🍁🌟
Muath GaithMuath Gaith
19:59 17 Aug 23
I am writing this review the same day I received my COPR based on the Express entry immigration / Canadian experience class stream Alfadel Hattab was the main reason I achieved this Milestone in my Journey in Canada. And I call it a journey as it has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs.Having dealt with 2 immigration consultants and one Immigration lawyer who pushed me to the verge of misrepresentation with their incompetence and indifference before trusting Alfadel Hattab with my case; I truthfully, utterly and confidently Vouch for him. His knowledge and resourcefulness in the immigration domain extend way beyond just getting the paperwork and documentation in order ( where others failed me terribly) ; to strategizing for the purpose of defining the best Course of action/s while balancing the risks/benefits of the decision/action.I am sure everybody is well-aware how daunting the immigration process and requirements are , which takes a toll on one's mental and physical health. I have never experienced the peace of mind when it came to my immigration application until he overtook my case from my previous lawyer; the progressive support he provided me when I lost hope in getting my permanent residency made all the difference in limiting the mistakes I was about to commit as a result of the stress/pressure I was experiencing.I thank Sama from the bottom of my heart, and would Certainly use their services for my futuristic immigration processes.
tayseer dahdouhtayseer dahdouh
09:44 17 Aug 23
I attest to the sincerity and honesty of the company through my dealings with the best professorI recommend dealing with him
Zak MasraniZak Masrani
01:40 12 Aug 23
Mr. Hattab is a highly knowledgeable RCIC and a very professional and courteous individual. He handled my case very well and kept me informed at every step of the way.
Omar KatooOmar Katoo
04:38 04 Aug 23
Alfadl was a huge help with my wife’s immigration process. Highly recommended
Mamdouh AldawMamdouh Aldaw
02:02 02 Aug 23
Special thanks to Mr. Alfadl Hattab, for all the support he has given me to get my application done successfully.
Ghazi AlomarGhazi Alomar
15:21 20 May 23
Sama immigration is one of the top organizations I dealt with, Mr. Alfadl is very professionell and honest consultant. I strongly recommend him to take care of your file.
Muna HawwaMuna Hawwa
01:21 30 Mar 23
I had the pleasure of working with Mr Fadel for my permanent residence application to Canada, and I can confidently say that Sama immigration’s is the best office for all immigration services. Fadel Hattab is an excellent consultant who helped me with all the details, and his office made every impossible dream come true.Al Fadel’s accuracy is exceptional, and he leaves no stone unturned when it comes to preparing an immigration application. He ensures that all documents are complete, accurate, and comply with the requirements of the immigration authorities.His fast communication and accurate work differentiate all expectations, and he made the process smooth and stress-free. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for immigration services.
Faiz Abou ToukFaiz Abou Touk
06:14 27 Feb 23
Very good service and friendly. Never failed to answer any questions and on timely manner. Sama was able to get my wife in Syria the acceptance within 7 monthes. Highly recommend it...thank you so much.
Dana ZieniehDana Zienieh
01:02 19 Feb 23
Sama immigration is very professional company. Mr Hattab is very cooperative and he has an excellent experience with immigration’s application, The communication with him was great he carried out our application successfully. I recommend Sama Immigration for all which has immigration file.
Ali LootahAli Lootah
21:04 12 Dec 22
Sama immigration has helped me more than once in my immigration process. My applications were always successful.They are highly professional. Alfadl was very knowledgable about the requirements. He provided perfect advices and suggestions. He is very honest with his information and always welcoming questions. He was easy to reach and communicate with. I highly recommend Sama immigration
Eyad alghazouEyad alghazou
06:02 07 Nov 22
Had a great experience with Sama! They were able to get me approved in my issues with immigration. Mr. alfadl hatab Advised me and answered all my questions, and kept me informed throughout the process. Highly recommended!
Mais MsoutiMais Msouti
21:51 06 Nov 22
Mr. Hattab is the best immigration specialist I have ever know. He answered all my questions at anytime and help me a lot during my journey to become Canadian. I highly recommend his office to hold your cases.
lorans alaboodlorans alabood
16:47 06 Nov 22
Sama Canada are very compassionate, professional and committed consultancy. We have worked closely with them a couple of times and I can assure when I say, we got the best advice. Fadel was very easy to talk to, and more importantly, he fully understood our concerns and addressed them in such professional and effective manner. We highly recommend working with Sama Canada.
Amal SouraniAmal Sourani
17:18 18 Oct 22
I had a an excellent experience with Sama Immigration. Mr. Alfadal is very supportive person and like to help in all ways possible.Really thank you Sama Immigration.
This company may look overrated but it's not. It deserves all the 5-stars ratings it got. I have tried a few other immigration lawyers and companies before but this by far is the best I've dealt with. Mr Alfadl is very well-experienced and professional. Highly recommend it.
Ahmed HawwaAhmed Hawwa
05:23 14 Sep 22
High recommend, they deserve 100000 stars and more, all my procedures were done through them and their treatment was professional. Especial thanks to mr.Fadel Hattab for quick response to all my requests.
Bshr Al BitarBshr Al Bitar
09:15 08 Sep 22
We had our Spousal Sponsorship application done with Sama Immigration, and Mr. Alfadl was one of the best Immigration Consultants you can ever deal with!, his prompts were always fast and clear and his communication with us was outstanding! would recommend anyone going through an immigration process to canada to contact mr.alfadl!
Sara TalebSara Taleb
21:35 29 Aug 22
Thank you Sama immigration for your excellent service. Thanks Mr. Hattab for being so helpful and loyal about our service. He answered all my questions and concerns without getting annoyed 😊. He explained well the whole process and made it a stress free process all throughout. That’s why I highly recommend Sama immigration to my friends who are looking for a great migration agent. Keep up the good work Sama immigration and keep helping others to make their dreams be fulfilled.
Mohamad SadekliMohamad Sadekli
02:39 11 Aug 22
Excellent service, all my questions were answered in a really professional way in my first online consultation, as usual Mr Alfadel is always here to help everyone
Louay HamadaLouay Hamada
09:51 07 Aug 22
I consulted Sama Immigration with my case and Mr. Alfadl with his good knowledge guided my very well, and answered all my questions, I highly recommend their services.
Eiad DabaghEiad Dabagh
16:25 06 Aug 22
AL FADEL is great person who is helpful every one asked, he is expert in his field, you can rely on him
thana alderathana aldera
17:57 05 Aug 22
I deel with Mr fadel in Sama immigration who is really helpful,cooperative and knowledgeable related immigration issues. Also give us good support and advice regarding our file ,So I would thanks him very much.
ahmad marwaahmad marwa
04:12 05 Aug 22
Mr. Hattab takes care of every single detail in order to afford the best service
Amani KanjoAmani Kanjo
01:58 14 Jun 22
You can expect great helpful and satisfying service. The efficiency and professionalism is always there with Sama Immigration team.Thanks a lot!
Rama AbdulaalRama Abdulaal
01:00 07 Jun 22
Fadel is so helpful and respectful. He is the best immigration consultant. I highly recommend him.
Farah BabbiliFarah Babbili
23:58 25 May 22
It was a good consultation. Mr. Fadl was generous with his advice and also with his time. Will definitely keep working with him on my case.
S RimS Rim
23:47 11 May 22
I am very happy because i chooseSama ImmigrationMany Thanks to Mr Alfadl Hattab for all the consultations
Anas ChurbajiAnas Churbaji
16:37 11 May 22
Thanks Fadel, your advise is very valuable to us. We appreciate your patience and professionalism! Highly recommended services!

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