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Temporary Resident Visas

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Comprehensive support with your Canadian temporary resident visa.

Apply for your Canadian temporary visa with Sama Immigration’s expert guidance. Specializing in visitor visa, super visas, study, and work permits in Canada.

Visitor Visa - Expertise in Simplifying Your Travel to Canada

Visit visas are essential for tourists and family visits. Sama Immigration specializes in streamlining the visit visa process, ensuring clients meet all requirements, including proving ties to their home country and the purpose of visit. We also assist in preparing documentation simplifying the application experience.

Super Visas - Extended Family Time in Canada Made Easy

The Super Visa allows parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents to stay in Canada for up to five years. Sama Immigration provides comprehensive assistance in reviewing the eligibility criteria such as medical insurance coverage, a letter of invitation from the Canadian relative, and financial support documentation.

Study Permits - Empowering Your Educational Aspirations in Canada

Study permits are vital for international students. We assist with the application process, including reviewing the letter of acceptance from a Canadian institution, proving financial capability, and ensuring compliance with study permit conditions. Our team also offers advice on post-graduation work permit eligibility, enhancing students' educational journey in Canada.

Work Permits - Paving Your Career Path in Canada

Work permits are essential for employment opportunities in Canada. Sama Immigration aids in acquiring both open and employer-specific work permits, if eligible, ensuring clients fulfill requirements such as job offers from Canadian employers and Labor Market Impact Assessments (LMIAs) where necessary. We guide clients through the complexities of the work permit process, aiding in a smooth transition to their professional life in Canada.

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