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Immigration Appeals

Immigration’s specialized appeal guidance in Calgary.

Immigration Appeals: Tailored Strategies for Favorable Outcomes

Overcome legal hurdles with Sama Immigration’s specialized appeal guidance in Calgary.

Expert Assistance in Residency Obligation Appeals

Residency obligation appeals address cases where permanent residents have not fulfilled the required physical presence in Canada. Sama Immigration assists in contesting residency determinations, focusing on providing evidence of ties to Canada, humanitarian and compassionate grounds, or reasons for extended absences. Our team ensures a comprehensive representation of your circumstances to effectively appeal the decision.

Understanding the Intricacies of Immigration Appeal Processes

The immigration appeal process in Canada involves several stages, including filing a notice of appeal, preparing a comprehensive legal brief, and appearing before the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD). Our expertise lies in tailoring strategies to individual cases, whether it's appealing visa refusals, deportation orders, or residency issues. We provide support throughout the entire process, from pre-hearing conferences to the final decision.

Legal Representation Services

Effective legal representation is vital in immigration appeals. Our skilled attorneys specialize in immigration law, offering representation at the IAD. We handle cases involving sponsorship appeals, inadmissibility issues, and removal orders, advocating tirelessly for our clients' rights and striving for positive outcomes.

Our Track Record of Success in Immigration Appeals

Sama Immigration is proud of its success in various types of immigration appeals. Our success stories range from overturning visa denials due to misinterpretation of the law, to successfully arguing for the stay of deportation orders on humanitarian grounds. These cases not only demonstrate our expertise but also our dedication to each client’s unique situation.

Choose Sama Immigration for Unparalleled Appeal Support

Selecting Sama Immigration for your appeal means partnering with a team that values success, precision, and empathy. Our result-oriented approach and legislative agility ensure each case is handled meticulously, with a deep understanding of both legal complexities and the human element involved in immigration disputes.

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